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About Child Rehabilitation Centre:

Child rehabilitation centre is a team of doctors dedicated to work towards overall development of child. the organization found in 2009 by Dr.Sumit Shinde(View Profile) BOTh.C.C.E(USA) with vision of Comprehensive assessment of dysfunction and Various Types of development in children, Treatment of developmental disabilities with v

arious scientific approaches. To create awareness about Integration of children with developmental disorders in society, Help Every child To get formal Education and promote integration in Regular schooling. Please refer to our “Team” page for details and experience of our current team of Doctors. Please send your suggestions/improvements and content to

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Through this website Child Rehabilitation Centre not only provides information about our organization, but also attempts to create a comprehensive database for information, finding solutions and tools for all levels and background of individuals to assist their child on all developmental issues. All the information, tools and applications have been created by the author or the various contributors. Utmost care has been taken to ensure that no copyright violation has happened with regards to the content.

List of Disorders we assist on Treatment:

Mental retardation Enuresis Epilepsy
Specific development disorders Encopresis Global developmental delay
Pervasive Developmental Disorders Speech disorders Cerebral palsy
Attention Deficit Disorder Habit disorders Down’s syndrome
Conduct disorders Other disorders Scholastic backwardness
Tic disorder Elective (selective mutism) Fragile X syndrome



We have a team of skilful professionals to serve the child in their life. Through effective therapy/ counselling sessions including individual and group therapy coupled with review sessions, we claim to empower the core personality of the child, bringing into effect a home program to enable the parents to understand the progress of the child. With these approaches and the attitude of our team, we claim to be successful in developing academic skills of the children. Here in CRC we work by using the following approaches for the overall development of the child

  • SI (Sensory Integration)
  • NDT (Neuro Development Theory)
  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neoromuscular Facilitation)
  • Brain Gym
  • ADL Training
  • Group Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Behaviour Modification


Knowing a disorder well- a word to parent:

We at CRC understand and want others i.e. those significant to child as well as insignificant to child to understand exactly what the problem is, where the problem is?

Without knowing the problem we feel extremely SORRY to say that even best parents cannot help their child.

So we expect next question from you—knowing a disorder well means what?  What all, a parent should know of the disorder?

First and foremost is accurate observation of the child.  Every minute information of a special child should be known to parents.  If the diagnosis is made by a non-reliable source, seek help from qualified reliable source.

We suggest parents -after knowing the diagnosis study that diagnosis!

  • Try and Know its scientific definition,
  • Read all explanations for this disorder from all rehabilitation members like, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, Special Educator, etc.
  • Match your child’s symptoms and signs with those of scientific criteria of diagnosis.
  • Gauge the severity of disorder and move accordingly.
  • Know all possible community resources according to you and your child’s convenience and try to gain knowledge about how you can deal with disorder with courage.

In mean time we expect that the diagnosed child should be treated as a normal child at home and in family with all stimulations [play as well as emotional, social]

Then take your child to rehabilitation team and supervise his treatment. Supervising does not mean interfere with therapists work, or try to change his line of treatment, but come up with right answers of your therapist questions and right questions for your therapists help.


24*7 Helpline No. for Parents: 9221533719

Local Centre numbers
Kharghar: 9221533714
Nerul: 9221533715/6

Sion: 9221533719

Nagpur: 9960305717
Koperkhairane: 922153371
Chembur Branch: 9221533713

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Recognition Award for Contribution of Dr Sumit Shinde in Special Children Rehabilitation from Maharashtra.