CRC visit to “Lalbaug cha raja” and “GSB Seva Mandal”

“An initiative entering into its 7th year”

Team CRC, keeps a vision of making every child independent, Since 2010 we are visiting with our children and parents to Lalbaug cha Raja and G.S.B. Seva Mandal Ganesh darshan, 2 Biggest Ganesh Mandals of India, where everyone visits to get blessings. When we explained our Vision to Committee of Mandal they supported us for our initiative.
Every year there used to be around 50 people with us and year 2016 there were 2 Buses 30 families, more than 100 on board. Especially this time many Grandparents participated in this event.

Child Rehabilitation Centre (TEAM CRC) creates wonders to manage a safe and secured LALBAG and GSB WADALA Ganesh Darshan….on 7th September (wednesday) 2016.

-Dr Sumit Shinde

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Thanks To,
Dr Vinodi Sawant
Dr. Sayali Patwardhan
Dr Priyanka Dubal
Dr Pritam Dandavate
Devendra Kulkarni
Deepak Gorivale
Anagha Karve
Archana Kurne
Trupti Madam
Daya Thorat Dhoble
Pooja Chandrakant Gole
Mr. Chandrakant Gole
Shubham Lasure
Dr Saumil Asher
Mr. Sushant Shinde
Master Atharva Shinde

Special Thanks To-
Lalbaug Raja Ganesh Mandal
G.S.B. Seva Ganesh Mandal
Mr. Umesh Bhagat
Mr. Sulesh Shinde
Mr. Amey Railkar
Mr Avinash Bobade

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