Creativity in learning: Rizwana Khan

Creativity as defined is the use of imagination or ideas to create something while learning is the process of acquiring knowledge. It is very important for children to have a creative simulating environment in school. Such an environment in the classroom will make children a better learner and thinkers. Student are able to use their imagination and thinking to create new things. Classroom are the center for student and teacher. Creative class should not only look different but also feel different. A good classroom environment makes the lesson interesting and helps the students to learn new things. It encourages the student to acquire knowledge and apply in their real life.

Teachers can use creativity in their teaching activities for example storytelling, dramas, debate, quiz, skit, musicals movements, educational toys, puzzles for preschoolers. Teachers should make effort to do some humor or singing about the concept during the lesson.

Teachers can even make house for creating team spirit and promote creative thinking, accepting ideas from others etc. Students should be given chance to impress their views through speeches, debates, discussions etc. They should feel free to communicate with teachers. This can be done only when there is a better communication like talking sessions in free time, sharing experiences, listening to others views.

Student should be encouraged to do what they love whether it is to music, poetry, drawing, dance or any other for and help them to develop creativity. They should be taken for field trips. Field trips brings learning to life and increase their motivation to learn and way to ignite a student to learn create and get connected to the real world.Creativity in learning is important in our education system, every student has their own inbuilt creativity and with proper guidance from the teachers, a child can grow up as an creative individual .

Rizwana Khan: School Teacher


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