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A thirteen year old gets employed by Google at a salary of Rs 1 crore.

A sixteen year old gets into Massachusetts Institute of Technology without passing class 10 examinations.

What is common between Tanmay Bakshi and Malvika Joshi? They are homeschooled.

Our story

Twenty years back we decided to home school Anicca and Aditya, the first two of our three children till they were eight. Commercial schooling, a culture of unhealthy competition, materialistic culture and dispassionate teachers made us choose homeschooling for our children.

I am fortunate to be a teacher and a mother and hence it was easy for me to take this decision. Having said that, one does not need to be a trained teacher to choose homeschooling for your children. The idea is that a parent knows her child best.

Homeschooling allows children to follow passions and talents of their choice like music, sports, acting etc. It also gives the active child a chance to learn without being bound to a chair. I have seen a child who hated school blossom when she was brought home to learn.

Homeschooling offers a lot of freedom in guiding your child’s education. A child can learn at his or her own pace, which could be faster or slower than a regular school schedule. A child might speed ahead in one area or lag behind in other, homeschooling can adjust to provide enough challenges in your child’s strength while giving extra help in areas where your child might struggle.

Homeschooling is certainly not an easy option. It’s a responsible choice you make that will effect their lives. There was a lot of preparation and organizing that went into homeschooling our children. Today’s parents have it easier with Uncle Google ready to assist them. There is no end to teaching aids and curriculum.

Today Anicca and Aditya are successfully following their dreams. While Ayaana our eight year old and third child is being unschooled. We live in a farm and all our children have grown connected with nature. While Homeschooling follows a curriculum Unschooling is fluid and the child learns through personal exploration where the parent is the facilitator.

Differently abled children need more attention and Homeschooling as well as unschooling is a very good option to consider. Practically the commute is reduced which in turn reduces the pressure on the child as well as the parents. Parents of such children spend a disproportionately high amount of time in the school or worrying about school. If they choose homeschooling then parents are in control and the child is in a familiar surroundings. I would strongly recommend it.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle choice. Let me also be very clear that it’s not an easy option. Once you have made this choice then turning back can confuse and muddle up the child’s head. The good thing is that there are many communities today who support you.  Homeschooling doesn’t mean you are cutting your child off from the world. She can still play football with her friends and join a nice theater group. The idea is to empower a child to choose what she wants to learn instead of forcing it down her throat. We wouldn’t do it with food then why do it with education.

Sangeeta Chhabra

Sangeeta Chhabra It was always her dream to be in the countryside. A creative soul, Sangeeta is a trained textile designer and a teacher from the Rudolph Steiner school of thought. She has home-birthed her children and would like to support  couples who are interested in learning about the benefits of trusting your body, home-birthing and home schooling to unschooling.



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