“A child who fails or gets poor marks on the school test

is always a source of anxiety for parents and teachers.”

 Education is one of the most important aspects of human resource development. Poor school performance not only results in the child having low self esteem, but also causes significant stress to the parents.

In today’s scenario at least one in five students will have trouble keeping up academically at some point during their school years, while the root of the problem may be school related and nothing more. A drop in grade can be a warning sign and many causes of failure are related to

1) CHILD: Child is a child first and we need to accept the child as a whole as she/he may be. A child who has difficulty with vision, hearing loss, low intelligence ( Borderline IQ), Specific Learning Disability, child with ADD/ADHD, Slow maturing, Language Barrier and an emotionally in secured child who exhibits behavior problems all these can be the cause of poor school performance.

2) HOME: A home is a place where a child feels the warmth and is comfortable. Here the parents play a very important role in child’s life along with the acceptance of the child’s sibling and grandparents. Parents should not indulge in harsh treatment, aggressive behavior and favoritism. Discord between the parents, financial difficulties all these play on the child’s mind and her/his school performance is affected.

3) SCHOOL: School is a place where the child acquires her/his education not only academics but also her/his social development takes place. Schools which are unsympathetic or have harsh teachers can become a major cause for poor school performance.

Teachers are a mandate to the children. They need to be very careful with their vocabulary that they use in the class room. They should not ridicule the child in front of her/his peers, they should not compare the child with her/his sibling and peers in the class as all these results in poor school performance.

Peers in the school also play an important role in the life if a child. Peers who are a bully in the class, peers who make fun of the child, peers who ridicule the child affects the child emotionally and academically.

The examination system also plays a crucial part in the cause of poor performance. A child with fear of examination will be affected and that will be interfering with his ability to memorize and recall facts during the time of exams. Many children with low self esteem and confidence have a negative attitude towards exam as they feel what is the point in trying if I am going to fail anyway.

Children with complexes like inferiority, over confidence they give up on studies. This is seen more often when they are compared with their siblings and peers.

Too many changes of school also hinders the education of the child. As every time a new school is approached child has to adjust to a new atmosphere, build new friends, get the feeling of acceptance from new teachers and peers. At times a child can be hostile to the new environment.

4) LEARNING DISORDERS like lack of sleep, inadequate food, poverty, poor health, bad family atmosphere and social factors attribute towards poor school performance.

As a Special Educator we are trained to observe our student’s learning over the time. We gain insight into what causes student’s poor academic performance and teach them tools and strategies to increase their effectiveness. The fit between the teacher and the student personality wise should be catered to. We need to work with the child’s strength rather than their weakness. The material and aids used should be appropriate to the child. A lot of encouragement and motivation that “you can do it” is a must. There needs to be a deep understanding by the teacher about the child. The motto of the teacher should be




Rukhshana F. Sholapurwala:  B.H.Sc. M.Ed.

Consultant to Children with Special NeedsConsultant & Special Educator to Learning Disability Clinic KEM Hospital & DPYA High SchoolCourse Co-ordinator for Post Graduate Diploma In Special Education at SIES CollegePresident CHILDReach & FKS Foundation



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