Ralph Antony

am Ralph Antony.I am 19 years old.I live in Belapur and I am the only son of my parents                                                                                                                                                                            When I reached 5th std, I found difficulty in copying down the notes from the board. This continued for years. When I reached 7th std my mom felt that there was something wrong. She was told by my tution teacher to cross check about me. In school i used to sleep during the lessons which was taken in class. My school teachers also reported problems about me. Situation got worse. School was a nightmare for me. My mothers continual observation and the encouragement of my well wishes most of it my material aunt requested the principal to give the professional help and I was directed to meet Dr.Vishal Savani of Nair Hospital who introduced me to Dr Sumit Shinde. I had to give all the test including for vocal and written which was conducted at Nair Hospital. I had to visit at least 8 times a day that was Wednesday. It was learnt that I had learning disability specially to comprehend passages and was incapable of formation of sentences etc. and I also had only 80 % IQ. The condition was also termed as ADHD (Attention defficient Hyperactivity disorder).Then on my journey to improve my condition I used to visit Therapyevery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for 1 year.  I got to interact with many children. There used to be summer camp in the month of may. Making craft articles,trekking, playing game etc had made a lot of fun.These activities were played at camp. It raised my confidence,Fear of public speaking reduced , vocabulary improved and got transferred to a much brighter student than in school. This was proved by Magnificent performance by scoring 63% unlike the 10th std.
My prospective of life changed, and today I am happy and confident person
My relatives and friends are shocked to see this new me. Every thing was possible because of consistant efforts of my mom. Today I am pursuing diploma in shastriya gayan vocal
and at the same time I am taking part in various competitions. I have chosen my passion of singing as my carrier.
With the grace of god and blessings of my well wishers hope to be successful too.

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