Habit Disorder


Habit disorder will be deemed to encompass all those behavior disorders seen in children which are either due to faulty upbringing, training or management and have resulted in any repeated form of behavior which can be referred to as a HABIT.

  1. Oral– Sucking the thumb sucking the fingers biting the nails, protruding the tongue.
  2. Hirsitual– Pulling and twisting the hair, scratching the head.
  3. Nasal– Picking the nose, scratching the nose, wrinkling the nose.
  4. Irritation– Scratching the body.
  5. Manual– Picking the fingers, Writhing the hands, clenching the fists.
  6. Ocular– Rubbing the eyes, blinking the eyelids, winking.
  7. Aural– Pulling the ear, picking the ear.
  8. Genital– Manipulating the genitals, thigh-rubbing.
  9. Facial– Grimacing, stretching the muscles.