Specific Development Disorders

sdd are characterised by an inadequate development in usually one specific area of functioning this is exactly opposite of mental retardation where there is generalised impairement in nearly all areas of functioning..

The deficits may be in scholastic skills,speech and language and motor skills. All the developmental disorder either cause an impairement in academic functioning at school or in activities of daily living. Before making a diagnosis of SDD ,attention should be given to childs mental age, IQ, sociocultural background, schooling, impairement in vision and hearing,or any neurological deficit.

According to DSM 5 Specific development diorder are classified as follows:

  1. Specfic reading diorder:dyslexia
  2. Specific writing disoarder: dysgraphia
  3. Specific developmental disorder of language and speech:
  • phonological disorder
  • expressive language disorder
  • receptive language disorder
  1. Specific motor disorder of motor function
  2. Specific arithmetic disorder:dyscalculia