Awareness Programs

  1. TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR TEACHERS:Small issues if noticed and treated at lower grades, help in performance enhancement during later years. Hence teachers need to be aware about the signs and symptoms of any developmental lag
  2. PARENTING LECTURES: Happy parenting lectures are conducted with an aim of relieving stress of all parents and giving them expert’s wisdom!
  3. EXPLORE THE PARENT IN YOU:Development is a spontaneous process. We help you to make it natural and regular.
  4. PARENT CHILD BONDING LECTURES: Father-child and Mother-child bonding seminars to define the exact role of parents in the mystery called PARENTING!
  5. PARENTS RECREATION PROGRAMS: Outdoor treks, picnics, cricket and football matches arranged by our team for parents prove to be stress busters and set a very good example in front of their children about PLAY!
  6. COMMUNITY LECTURES: With a vision of seeing every child independent and an achiever in future, the team conducts community seminars for spreading awareness.
  7. ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT DRIVES: To ensure that the various academic and behavior issues do not remain unnoticed in the society and schools
  8. LALBAUG RAJA DARSHAN: A noble initiative where parents and children of this centre are taken to Lalbaug Raja every year with an aim of spreading awareness in the society and return with lots of positive energy.