School Site assessment

School being one of the important sectors contributing to child development, it becomes important to observe the behavior and traits of the child in the classroom set up. Also, teacher being a person who comes in regular contact with the child, approach should be introduced with the school authorities also. Hence a service where in skilled professional will observe the child and make a documentation regarding the protocol and present a comprehensive report to the school.This service was introduced to make school staff an integral part of your child’s development and ensure that overall approach followed with the child remains same to achieve the set goals.


  • School is an important resourse to get brief feedback about child’s behavior in the classroom
  • Detailed feedback from teachers
  • To exchange the knowledge about child development
  • Comprehensive report about the classroom observation
  • Follow up meetings with school teachers every after 4 months

(Note: School visit can be organized after the consultation with senior clinical therapist and with the school permission)